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Leaving my life on hold, I turn next to Deepak Chopra who offers SynchroDestiny, "in which it is possible to achieve the spontaneous fulfilment of our every desire." Spontaneous fulfilment of my every desire sounds positively terrifying - a Midas-like neurological affliction and also ultimately quite dull. "Be careful what you wish for" would have to take on a whole new level of significance, and what on earth would remain to look forward to?

Unlike Grabhorn's text, replete with split infinitives and an exhaustion of exclamation marks, Chopra's is readable and sophisticated, better at disguising the pseudoscience. "At this moment," he tantalises, "the seeds of a perfect destiny lie dormant within you." I merely have to release their potential in order to create a future for myself "more wondrous than dreams". That Chopra has published nearly 40 other books, 13 of them after SynchroDestiny, is not considered to contradict the assertion that the single key to happiness is contained in this one.

Possibly the most successful of these recent Law of Attraction publications is The Secret, the brainchild of an Australian named Rhonda Byrnes, whose book and DVD have each sold many millions of copies, heavily endorsed by appearances on Oprah. Watching The Secret is an extraordinary experience. Loin-clothed men scribble frantically on parchment. Knights Templar dash about incomprehensibly. Sinister Gothic chords echo while a woman unpacks her suitcase. The names of famous men flash on the screen - Plato, Shakespeare, Edison, Hugo. They all knew The Secret, it would seem.

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May 30th, 2012
5:05 AM
Smart, but not wise. My inclination is that you would rather rely on, and put faith in, the elite Harvard/Oxford education you received. At least that puts YOU ahead of the game. You use your intelligence and priveledge unwisely when you use it to dash the hopes of those less fortunate. You are certainly intelligent, but it is wisdom you lack at the tender age of thirty.

January 21st, 2009
9:01 PM
I have heard otherwise good Christians tout this philosophy as wonderful, when in fact, it is heresy.

January 5th, 2009
4:01 PM Amusing sketch on The Secret

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