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Secularisation has dramatically reduced the autonomy of this social sphere, as whole areas of social life have become the business of the State to police. The State is fast becoming a secular Church, the fount of moral legislation, and is busy imposing a uniformity of belief on its citizens every bit as intrusive as the theocratic states of the past, where the distinction between Church and State was likewise unknown.

From this development, it has followed that politicians have been only too willing to step into the role of prophets or high priests; and it is not surprising, therefore, that someone like Corbyn, who appears to offer a coherent worldview and gives clear guidance as to what people should believe, should be able to acquire a following.

That is one part of the story. The other major trend is simply the wholesale abandonment of the moral teaching associated with the Bible. For it is the first rule of Judaeo-Christian morality that evil is to be found within us. The world certainly needs perfecting, but that task is inevitably complicated by the fallibility of human intellect and character. Thus we are told, we must first tend to the condition our own souls, acknowledging our own faults and imperfections, before we dare to judge our fellow man. It is a prescription for humility which may be considered to be the very foundation of a gentle and harmonious social life.

The strength of this moral teaching is that it inoculates us against the self-righteousness that sees the world in dualistic terms, as divided between us and them, between the children of light and the children of darkness. For in the gnostic vision of the Corbynistas, the we are wholly virtuous, wholly pure and wholly innocent; evil is nothing to do with us, but wholly to do with them, those wicked bankers, capitalists, neo-imperialists, Zionists, Tories and racists, who must in due time be punished for their sins. It is because of its dualistic theology, that Corbynism is a recipe for a kind of civil war. It is also why it is so extremely dangerous.
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Alex Bensky
February 20th, 2018
3:02 PM
Sabermetrics is an aspect of baseball study whose goal is "the search for objective truth about baseball." It's basic questions are these: "I have always believed X to be true. If X is true, what should I see? If I don't see that, what evidence explains what I do see?" I love that line above, "[a]ny kind of leftist movement strives to create equality..." If this were true, since we have dozens of examples of leftism put in power, we would expect to see resulting societies that have greater equality, production so everyone can live at a decent basic level, and so forth. With the possible exception of the Scandinavian countries, the evidence is that this is not the result of leftism but instead oppression, a general lowering of economic standards--except for the nomenclatura--and a substantial if not total loss of freedom. Certainly the regimes that Corbyn openly admires have not created what the credulous poster above thinks should happen.

Just received this as an ad on facebook for some reason...
November 9th, 2017
4:11 PM
Marxism and the labour movement is not dualistic. It acknowledges that people have within them qualities that lead to creating inequality and with our current economical and political system these qualities are awarded with wealth. Any kind of leftist movement strives to create equality and believes that humanity fundamentally wants good for the community and with created proper conditions by redistributing the wealth and means of production everyone in the world would be able to live with enough commodities and as equal members of society.

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