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New Poetry
September 2013

Rebecca Alexander in Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle 


take the body

banjaxed by its multiplying failures

and the mind

encumbered by unexpected subtractions

so the path ahead narrows and steepens

towards a destination

neither sought nor known

a world-entire begins its slow retreat


keys that opened the house for decades

refuse to turn

no matter how they're coaxed and coddled

and she is standing like a stranger

on the wrong side of the door

but lucky to have found 

this street which went missing

on the morning errand 

circling the neighbourhood

its landmarks foreign and bewildering

inscrutable signs on the map

her memory a chalkboard being chased

by a fiend with an eraser


she who could shingle a roof or hotwire a car

Gematrist of Trollope and James

interpreter of tomes, of symbols and ciphers

is light as a husk adrift on a random current

while an obliterating smoke

scrolls through the mind's swarm of thoughts 

evicting meaning 


is the hour too late 

to take the body and the mind

build them a garden

densely planted with love and friendship

seeded thickly with stories

set free every question you meant to ask

unlock every answer

keep nothing back

before there is only nothing

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September 28th, 2018
4:09 AM
Wonderful poem Rebecca. Loved steeping in it, yes, that's what your poems do to me.... steep in them.... first time I heard the word tzimzum, your explanation helped. I'm indebted to you for sharing your poems. How do I express my reading experience, Rebecca? No word that I've learnt so far can explain what's happening within me. I can only say that I'm overwhelmed, totally... Can I share this with a friend of mine, Rebecca?

September 5th, 2013
12:09 AM
Rebecca, The lean line suits. I havent seen this in your other poems. Wow.... Can I forward this poem to David Ferry? Or wd you prefer I send him something else you've written? He is back from an erasure of sorts.

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