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What brings us all together? According to Walt, it's that Freeman has uttered "rather mild public criticisms of Israel". But that isn't our only bond. After all, how could we be "thunderously co-ordinated" if that was our only connection? Walt suggests that we "usual suspects" are less than fully American. After all, Walt assures us that Freeman is a "true patriot", unlike Jeffrey Goldberg who-hint, hint-once served in the Israeli army. One problem: I've never met Rosen or Goldberg (no relation) or Peretz or Schoenfeld and I co-ordinated with none of them. Until Walt's diatribe, I had barely criticised Freeman. All I did was link, on National Review's blog, to two posts by other critics. Most of his critics had called attention to his connections to China (he was on the board of the government-owned Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation). He once argued that Beijing's biggest mistake at Tiananmen Square was to not crush the dissidents more thoroughly. Even more revealing, Walt singled me out from some National Review colleagues who had criticised Freeman at greater length. It seems those dots were camouflaged with non-Jewish surnames like McCarthy and Hanson. That, it seems, is all it takes to stay off his list of "usual suspects".

If Walt was better at connecting dots, he might ask himself if he has, at long last, any decency.

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